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Jul. 17th, 2018

[info]under_arrest in [info]valarlogs

Who: Dan and Leon
What: Dan comes to check on Leon after he gets shot
When: Not long after Leon got home from the hospital, late June
Where: Leon's apartment
Ratings/Warnings: Lowish. Some talk about murder
Status: Complete

Let’s getcha settled in and sufficiently liquored, aye? )

[info]imnotrunning in [info]valarlogs

Who: Reading Rainbow and Ladybug
What: Ilia’s gotten Blake out of the house and convinces her to talk to Ruby
When: May 12, after this
Where: The park
Warnings: Relatively low, but some of the same anxiety and issues stemming from abuse warnings as were in the first part.
Status: Part 2 of 2

Or you should talk to her. It might actually make you feel better. )

[info]imnotrunning in [info]valarlogs

Who: Reading Rainbow
What: Ilia has been camped outside Blake’s door, and finally talks her into coming out.
When: May 12
Where: Logan’s Home for Faunus
Warnings: Mentions of abuse, patterns of bad behavior stemming from said abuse, extreme anxiety
Status: Part 1 of 2

But of course Ilia would use logic, it was usually the best way to get through to Blake. )

[info]lucky_no9 in [info]valarnet

Ran into someone this past weekend who told me about this site.

I figure it could be a good place to network and advertise my free fitness classes.
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 8:00am-9:00am, over by the Santa Monica pier.
The sand, certainly, adds some difficulty but I promise it's worth it.
Just show up, ready to work out.
There will be modifiers for those who aren't as active.

I, also, do one-on-one personal training. Message me if you're interested.
Oh yeah, I'm Stanley but I prefer to go by Nine.
Lucky_no9 on IG...yes, the abs are real. ;)

Jul. 16th, 2018

[info]a_lightwood in [info]valarcomm

[Texts to Izzy Lightwood]

>> Hey, sis
>> Thought I'd let you know that Magnus and I are looking into buying an apartment
>> That's above a club we are trying to buy

[info]starlightlady in [info]valarlogs

A ghost.

Who: Feyra and Henry
What: Random meetings and ghosts
When: Before her recent dreams
Where: Somewhere
Rating: PG-13 for language
Status: complete

You expect me to believe it was a ghost? )

[info]lady_jaina in [info]valarlogs

Shot or question

Who: Jaina and Valkyrie
What: Jaina pulls Valkyrie out of the gutter, A game of truth or dare follows
When: Recent
Where: Jaina's
Status: complete
Rating: PG-13

what’s your dream job? )

[info]lady_jaina in [info]valarlogs

Who: Jaina and Chloe
What: Hangover cures
When: After Max showed up
Where: Jaina's
Status: Complete
Rating: PG-13

You don’t have to, I’ll be fine. )

[info]the_wolverine in [info]valarlogs

Who: Logan and Kira
What: Drinking and other things
When: Recent
Where: Nightcrawler,
Rating: R
Status: Complete

It’s a song and dance I stopped bothering with a long time ago. )

Jul. 15th, 2018

[info]thesilentknife in [info]valarlogs

Who: Shepard and Evie
What: Shepard is conducting an interview for one of the Agency's strike teams.
When: Late June
Where: A restaurant
Warnings: Pretty low

Part of your offtime is tracking terrorists? The Director is going to love you. )

[info]strengthwins in [info]valarlogs

Who: Raven Branwen and Qrow Branwen
What: A meeting shortly after these texts were sent.
When: Evening of July 5th
Where: Qrow's townhouse
Rating/Warnings Lowish: language and threats
Status: Complete!

I hope I haven’t kept you waiting long. )

[info]_kingofthedead_ in [info]valarnet

Bast be praised I finally have more dreams.

It seems our interrogation of Klaw was short lived as he was broken out of our custody by some of his partners in crime. Only, one of them was wearing a ring identical to my father's. Only one other person had a ring like that one - my Uncle N'Jobu.

But there's no time to reflect, as Ross was hurt in the firefight. We take him back to Wakanda - much to Okoye's objections - where Shuri works on healing him. I find Zuri, our spiritual leader, and confront him about this ring. He tells me a story I never heard before - the real story behind my Uncle's death.

My father killed him in order to save Zuri's life, then covered it up by not even bringing his own brother's body home. And worst of all, my Uncle had a son - the very man who is working now with Klaw. My father left him there in America too.

I don't know what to do with this information. My whole life my father has lied to me about what happened to my Uncle and I don't know why.

[info]_fn_2187_ in [info]valarcomm

Texts to Rey (prior to his net post)

>>Hey, so I got new dreams.
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[info]_fn_2187_ in [info]valarnet

Man, it's about time I got some new dreams! I just wish they didn't suck.

So last time I had dreams I was with Rose on Canto Bight, this casino world trying to find the codebreaker to help us take out Snoke's ship so the First Order could stop tracking us through hyperspace.

We got arrested before we could get to him. We were stuck in jail with some dude named DJ, and next thing we know, we're all breaking out of jail and escaping on - Fathiers? I don't even know how to describe them. They're like giant fox horses that run crazy fast. Anyhow, we get off the planet with BB8 and DJ on a stolen ship and manage to sneak onto Snoke's ship - because DJ is a codebreaker too. We made it to the place where we were gonna deactivate the tracking system when who freakin' shows up?

Captain Phasma. My old CO.

I thought she'd blown up on Starkiller base after we'd thrown her onto a trash compactor level. Guess not.

Now she's gleefully about to execute us. Except for DJ. He sold us out, the bastard.

[info]completelysane in [info]valarnet

I've been Dreaming again. It feels weird to say this, but I've almost missed these.

Apparently in our "retirement" the Reds and Blues, Carolina and I were set up on a little moon kind of out in the middle of nowhere. You'd think things would be quiet, but these guys are literally incapable of doing that. The fact that the planet was apparently inhabited by dinosaurs didn't help.

[info]darkforcerising in [info]valarlogs

Who: Anakin and Rey
What: Working on Yondu’s ship
When: Now
Where: Yondu’s ship
Rating/Warnings: Probably low, will update if necessary

For my soul lies dormant, restless, waiting for that moment when shackles are cast aside and it is free to fly once more. )

[info]room_302 in [info]valarlogs

Who: Henry and Leon
What: Meeting at the Grocery Store
When: Before Leon got shot
Where: Local grocery store
Rating/Warnings Lowish - Henry is attacked by a ghost
Status: Complete!

Henry didn't believe in ghosts, but try to telling that to the thing that was following him... )

[info]ember_celica in [info]valarnet

Crazy idea. We've got a lot of fighters and stuff on here right?

What if we had some kind of tournament?

[info]theoriginaljerk in [info]valarnet

It is down to either The Venitian, The Bellagio, or Ceasars Palace for our third club expansion. All three are in prime locations, and now Damon, Enzo and I just need to make the final decision.

[info]needanewplan in [info]valarcomm

Filtered to Friends of Cosima and Jemma

While proper invitations with RSVPs are in the mail....

6 October. Temple Emanu-El for the ceremony itself, and then the California Academy of Sciences for the reception.

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