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Dec. 16th, 2018

[info]angelsbreath in [info]valarnet

Okay I'm just going to go ahead and say it now - Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. It is a movie that takes place at Christmas and that is a completely different thing.

[info]ronmars in [info]valarnet

Nothing says Christmas in Orange County like mistletoe floating around.

[info]nobodysperfect in [info]valarnet

Is there someone here who may be able to help me put the pieces of my spaceship together? I think I have all the pieces of it, but I'm no engineer. It's not a huge spaceship, it's actually a fighter-class single pilot kind of ship as opposed to a large starship.

[Encrypted DM to Jemma Simmons]

I have a question for you, if you have a minute.

[info]lucky_no9 in [info]valarnet

Less than a week till I head off to NYC with Jace for Christmas and the New Year. I should start packing...but I was never good at packing.

First Christmas in a while that I won’t be with my dad but we’ve planned to FaceTime.

[info]truealphascott in [info]valarnet

Sometimes it sucks to be working with vets and animal shelters at this time of the year. At least this year I think I found a good forever-home for one little puppy. So, Stiles, come over. I have a surprise for you.

Everyone else, if you're thinking of getting an animal for Christmas, consider getting an older pet that might be overlooked, despite them being just as cute. They'll appreciate it and you may have saved your new best friend's life.

Dec. 15th, 2018

[info]c_danvers in [info]valarnet

Hello there, my name is Caleb Danvers and I've managed to stumble upon this little area of the internet. I'm really not sure what all I should say in an introduction post because I doubt anyone actually cares to read through it all. I'm originally from Massachusetts, but I attend Cal State Long Beach as a history major. I also participate in the swim club there, but if anyone has any leads on a part-time job that'd be great.

Still a little confused about the snow, but hey, weird things happen with the weather all the time. But at least everyone on here seems pretty chill from what I saw when scrolling through.

Dec. 14th, 2018

[info]aimed_curse in [info]valarnet

There really ought to be some sort of rule about standing right in front of the time clock messing with your phone while waiting to clock in. Especially when there’s a line of people behind you waiting to clock in. You can’t clock in for 15 minutes and want to goof off on your phone while you wait? Fine. Go for it. I don’t care. But don’t do it right in front of the clock so no one else can clock in! We have to be in position on time if we don’t want to get in trouble with our supervisors! And it’s a bit difficult moving quickly in some of the costumes.

[info]lady_jaina in [info]valarlogs

What’s your next trick?

Who: Jaina and Daisy
What: Beer and hooking up
when: Late October
Where: Bar then Jaina's
Status: complete
Rating: PG-13
The one where I show you how nimble my fingers are. )

[info]ember_celica in [info]valarlogs

Feels like the story of my life.

Who: Evie and Yang
What: Tea, catching up and relationship talks
When: Mid-October
where: tea shop
status: complete
Rating: PG

But that doesn’t mean I should stop trying. )

[info]the_survivor in [info]valarlogs

Sweetheart, did you not eat again?

Who: Lara and Bo
What: Lara comes back from a trip
When: Late November
Where: Croft Manor
Rating: PG

Bo, you can’t keep doing this )

[info]imnotrunning in [info]valarlogs

Who: Colleen and Blake
What: Running into each other again.
When: Early October
Where: Outside a cafe
Warnings: Mentions of abuse, otherwise fairly low

She didn’t necessarily feel that she needed the help, that she was fine, but on some level she knew maybe she did. )

[info]blazeinhereyes in [info]valarlogs

Who: Evie and Marguerite
What: Training in undercover and spy games
When: Late October
Where: Cafe in Los Angeles
Warnings: Low
Status: Log | Complete

Excuse me, you wouldn't happen to have the time would you? )

[info]immortalmagnus in [info]valarnet

My birthday was last weekend and while I love celebrating my birthday, the last few years have been more than a little strange, on that day, because of my Immortality. I know that I've stopped aging physically and unlike in my dreams where I'm already hundreds of years old, here I've only been a Warlock and immortal for a few years. So it's still strange to think that I'll be watching everyone I love age while I stay the same.

On a lighter note, I did have a great birthday, as always, and don't actually intend to stop celebrating it. I figure eventually I'll simply get used to it.

Dec. 13th, 2018

[info]darkforcerising in [info]valarlogs

Who: Anakin and Cisco
What: Messing with snow
When: Backdated to shortly after this
Where: Top of Anakin’s apartment building

If this was who he was )

[info]theoriginaljerk in [info]valarcomm

Text to Damon

>>I'm leaving for Vienna and Paris tomorrow
>>Don't burn down the bars while I'm gone.
>>What do you want me to bring you back?

[info]thesilentknife in [info]valarnet

At least the Snowmen are done with. I'm very much looking forward to going back to London to visit my brother for Christmas, then joining Freya and her siblings for New Years'.

I'm still not completely okay with knowing I'm a fictional character, but I have to say, the company that makes the game series I'm apparently from just came out with a line of activewear clothing. I may have bought one of the hoodies for myself. I'll just have to play dumb and say I'm a fan of the games or something. Or maybe I'll just have to play the games, save whatever one, or ones, I'm in because that would be too weird.

[info]supermansdead in [info]valarnet

Jason Grace grace has tagged you (Hazel, Nico, Percy, and Will) in a post )

[info]frelsi in [info]valarcomm

Amycus, you have (7) new messages )

[info]bansheecries in [info]valarlogs

Who: Lydia Martin
What: Narrative
When: Last week/bendy time
Where: Her apartment
Why: Lydia dreams of getting attack, attack wounds bleed into reality
Status: Complete
Ratings: Mention of dream attacks

Lydia! Run! )

[info]awcoffee in [info]valarnet

i really do not appreciate this forced festive bullshit. i've been stalked by a damn snowman for a mile and a half and had to stop my dog from peeing on the stupid thing. i'm not convinced it wouldn't swallow my dog.

all this on an hour sleep because apparently whatevers in the water finally got to me.

i came here for heat and sun. not snowmen and delusions.

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