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Apr. 25th, 2018

[info]under_arrest in [info]valarlogs

Who: Leon Orcot, Jessica Moore and NPC!Chris Orcot
What: Leon and Chris bring Jessica a burger in the hospital
When: Early March
Where: The hospital
Ratings/Warning: Low/noneish, dream injuries
Status: Complete

I’d be even better if they’d let me get pizza or something for dinner. You’d think injuries like mine would earn you a little leeway in the way of not having to eat horrible hospital food right? )

[info]filiampandora in [info]valarnet

So I didn’t play my Tsum Tsum game for awhile because I just didn’t have time, but I found myself with a few minutes today and started the game up and it hit me for the first time - a lot of the female Disney characters that you can get seem to have been reduced to nothing more than a way to summon in their canon love interests when you use their ability. And I’m really not sure I like that in a game that I know kids play on their parents phones.

[info]angelsbreath in [info]valarnet

Okay so - I found a new podcast that I really really enjoy. They talk about true crime and ghosts and... I’m sort of forcing Will to listen to it with me when I’m at home since I play it through the speakers, but it’s a good one! Even if it does leave me wondering what would everyone’s last meal be if you knew you were going to die and could order anything you wanted?

[info]notofhearts in [info]valarnet

He’s suing me! My former landlord is suing me for breaking the lease when I moved out early! Can he do that when he’s the reason I broke the lease though? And there’s something in there about my jeopardizing his livelihood, because I told the school what had happened so that they would know what he did before allowing him to advertise his room to students. This is too much stress when I’m trying to get on Chopped so that I can hopefully win prize money and start towards opening my own place

Apr. 24th, 2018

[info]vamptestsubject in [info]valarnet

[Filtered away from non-puncturable MCU chars]

I cannot even begin to believe that this is a question my employees are asking, but NO. I will not close the restaurant or the clubs down just because you want to go see Infinity War this weekend. No, I don't care that you've waited ten years for this movie, you still have to work your shift or you wont have a job in the morning. No, I don't care that I'm being unfair.

[info]_kingofthedead_ in [info]valarlogs

Who: T’Challa
When: April, during the Incense event
Where: The Pleistocene Era Dream
What: The Black Panther meets the big cat of the prehistoric jungle
Rating/Warnings: Low
Status: Complete

Either I am in the Savage Land or this is the deep past. )

[info]badlocksmith in [info]valarnet

Moved into a bigger place so my pup can run around in the yard. He's loving it. )

[info]elatedorgassy in [info]valarnet

I can't believe it's been a month since we got the green light to make the season of my new show! Time has really flied while having fun!!

They've set a premiere date for the show, which is going to run over the summer. It's set to run Sunday evenings from May 27 until August! We're going to have a 13 episode season.

I hope you'll all love it! I want to have a big party when the first episode premieres! :)

[info]_doppelganger_ in [info]valarlogs

Who: Elena and Klaus
What: Taking him up on his offer
When: A few days after their initial meeting
Where: Soleil et Lune
Status: Complete
Rating: Low

Tour-time )

[info]livmoore in [info]valarlogs

Who: Dan and Liv
What: Liv is a nudist
When: Early April
Where: Dan's place
Rating/Warnings: Nudity and feels
Status: Complete!

So, we’re not goin’ to dinner, then? )

[info]abigail_hobbs in [info]valarnet

I had a few minutes of sleep today without any dreams. At all. Not the dreams dreams, not regular dreams. Just sleep. It was in the library. I was studying, thought I'd rest my eyes for a second and fell asleep. When I woke up, there was a moment where I couldn't remember where I was. I guess it's because I've never slept in a library before. I wanted to run, hide from the windows and find Hannibal so he'd take me back to his basement. It was only for a moment, but the dreams still got to me without an actual dream.

[info]fly_beyond in [info]valarlogs

Who: Chloe, Jaina and Rachel
What: Rachel and Jaina see Chloe after the accident, so that she doesn't wake up alone
When: Day of the accident
Where: Hospital
Rating: PG-13, standard Chloe Warnings Apply
Status: Complete

Look at me, look at me. )

[info]dishonored in [info]valarlogs

I don’t like inviting myself in like that. It’s rather rude.

Who: Miranda and Corvo
What: Talking about their girl problems and other problems
When: 4/23
Where: Corvo's place
Status: Complete

Don’t invite yourself, just ask. )

[info]no_emoji in [info]valarcomm

[Separate but identical texts sent to Ilia and Rachel]

>> Are you busy?

[OOC: These are sent a little while after this exchange.]

Apr. 23rd, 2018

[info]under_arrest in [info]valarlogs

Who: Leon and Veronica
What: Meeting each other in a prehistoric forest
When: April 18th
Where: The dreamscape
Ratings/Warnings: Low/none
Status: Complete

Normally when I dream of blondes, they’re cuter and wearing skimpier clothes )

[info]mrtonystark in [info]valarnet

Pretty happy about my frozen Girl Scout Cookies right about now.

[info]betwixtsea_nsky in [info]valarnet

I'm grateful that I was able return to work today. After rather shamefully falling asleep during a meeting last week and waking in the hospital a full day later, I was told that I should remain home despite the fact that nothing could be found wrong. Although I thought I saw a bench walking around this morning, so perhaps I should make sure that everything is okay.

I have to admit to being relieved to read that others dreamed of a prehistoric forest, though I must confess that the whole thing is rather confusing. Those certainly weren't my normal Dreams.

[info]bringstheflour in [info]valarnet

I woke up this morning looking more like my dream self. I actually kind of like the pink streak in my hair, but the pink eyes might be a problem.

[info]finninabox in [info]valarcomm

[Text to Klaus & Kol Mikaelson]

>> I got a gift the other night.
>> One of the daggers from our dream world.
>> It was in my chest.
>> I was lucky that Freya was staying over.

[info]lady_jaina in [info]valarcomm


>> How are you feeling?

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