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NAME: Kaycee
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NAME: Logan Echolls
JOURNAL: [info]loganecho
PLAYED BY: Jason Dohring
FANDOM:Veronica Mars
CANON POINT: 3 seasons, plus the Veronica Mars Movie

CAN THIS CHARACTER BE CANON PUNCTURED? For more information on this game's puncture system please see this page. NO

WHAT ARE YOUR INTENTIONS WITH THIS CHARACTER IN GAME? Professionally, Logan is a Sergeant with the Irvine PD. I think it would be interesting to get him involved with the agency. He is also going to reconnect with Veronica, and make some new friends along the way.

CANON HISTORY: Logan Echolls - Veronica Mars Wiki

Logan Echolls was born in Malibu California to Aaron and Lynn Echolls. Aaron Echolls was an actor, very involved with the Hollywood scene. Aaron received scripts and party invitations, and Logan was spoiled as a result. If one looks at his history on the surface, he was a popular child all the way through junior high and high school. He was captain of the football team, dating the head cheerleader, Lilly Kane. He was also the prom king in his senior year and voted most likely to succeed. His life seemed perfect.

Aaron Echolls was a man of excess. As the years progressed, Aaron was drawn to the life beyond the spotlight. When Logan was 7, he caught his father with another woman. He was sworn to secrecy by his father, whom Logan idolized. Aaron way caught by Lynn a few months later, and promised to stop. He blamed Logan for telling the secret, threatening him with punishments if it were to happen again. After a few months of counseling, the Echolls family seemed whole, at least on the surface. Underneath the surface, there were new rules. Logan was often left in his room for hours on end for the slightest offense, and later there was a belt involved. As Logan grew, so did the physical abuse. As the abuse grew, so did the knowledge of affairs, and drugs. His mother had a nervous breakdown when Logan was 14, and was hospitalized for her 'safety and protection'. Luckily, Lynn's sister volunteered to take her sister to San Francisco to care for her, leaving Logan with his father.

Logan was left with his father. As a result, he threw everything he could into school. He excelled as a student, he was captain of the football team, he volunteered hours in school charity projects. He didn't want to go home, so whatever kept him active was a good thing. Lilly became suspicious now and then, but Logan continually denied anything going on. His life was that perfect picture he liked to present.

Over the years, Logan had met Veronica Mars. At first, the two couldn't stand each other. He was a guy from the right side of the tracks, and she was not. He didn't particularly notice her in one way or another as his popularity grew. High school saw them on opposite ends of the social spectrum. It was only through projects that they became friends. Lilly, who used to be Veronica's friend, often felt left out, but didn't demand that they not talk.

After graduation, as college came, everyone headed in different directions. Logan and Veronica went on an unofficial date before she left for Yale. He wondered why he never dated her in school, but since they were all starting lives, he didn't spend much time on it. Instead, they parted friends. Logan attended UCLA for a year before deciding that college wasn't really for him. Instead, he pursued a career with law enforcement. At 20 he was accepted to the police academy. He graduated shortly after his 21st birthday. Now 7 years on the force, he has been promoted to Sergeant of the Irvine Police department, where he now lives, but lately has been thinking about joining the Agency.


I hate working Friday nights. I've arrested five drunk drivers. The fourth guy threw up on my shoes as I was getting him in the car. I guess an alcohol rub was in order. At least it didn't take long to clean. The next guy was so far gone that he actually thought my car was a urinal. I swear, tonight is not my night, and it's getting progressively worse.

Tomorrow night, I am free. Does anyone want to remind me what freedom is like?

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